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The Storm Experience


We want to tell a story - your story - through photographs, while being there for you before, during, and after your wedding.


Together, we use the power of observation and attention to detail to creatively capture the story of you on your wedding day.


We value creating images that speak both to who you are, as well as how you want to be seen. We value open and honest communication so we can create the best circumstances for an amazing and memorable experience.

We strive for fun, relaxed, and enjoyable days that result in awesome photos.

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What to Expect

It's your day...
we're here to capture it.

We've been in your shoes. You take time to design your wedding so it is fun and showcases your style as a couple. It takes hours of planning and crafting to make it happen, but it's so worth it.


From the start, you can count on us to be in  your corner - with guides, questionnaires, meetings/phone calls, and check-ins...we'll have a plan ready to show up and serve you best.

Why do we do all of that? Easy. So you can be fully immersed in your big day and we can capture all of the happy tears, giggles, and fun that you're going to have and won't want to forget.

We know the wedding day can be a blur to look back on, we’ll help bring those memories into focus.

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"It's capturing not only the photo, but the feeling of this time in our lives."

"The thing about getting our photos taken with Tom & Bri's not just taking photos. It's the feeling of meeting with old friends who have watched our family grow. It's capturing not only the photo, but the feeling of this time in our lives."

- Melissa

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